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Andrew Hampton iFest Presentation


Andrew studied at the University of Central Florida on a full National Merit scholarship. After graduating with a B.S. in psychology and a minor in cognitive science, he began working as an assistant on an investigation of spatialized audio technology at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Andrew entered the Wright State Human Factors/Industrial Organizational doctoral program in 2011 where he worked both as a graduate research assistant (investigating social media as a means to facilitate emergency) and as a graduate teaching assistant, constructing an original curriculum for a Capstone course. He earned the program's Graduate Student Excellence Award in 2014. His paper on identifying psycholinguistic cues indicative of urgency in disaster response won the 2016 Human Factors Prize from the HFES. In 2016, he accepted a position under Art Graesser at the University of Memphis.

Research interests include technologically mediated communication, psycholinguistics, artificial intelligence, and political psychology.


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