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Arianne Miller iFest Presentation

Practicing Parkour: A Strategy for Teaching Design in the U.S. Federal Government

Arianne Miller

To successfully navigate the dynamic, complex landscape of the U.S Federal Government while ensuring broad impact and sustainability over time, Design must be learned and practiced in a particularly nimble and creative way. It cannot be the purview of a small group of experts. Design mindsets and skillsets must be infused throughout organizations, informing everything from organizational strategy to the way people carry out their work day-to- day. Through our work with a variety of federal agencies, we teach design mindsets and methods by developing and fostering ecosystems of projects and practitioners operating at many levels of organizations, applying design skills of varying maturity, and operating in a diverse array of geographic locations.


Arianne is the Managing Director for The Lab at OPM. She builds capacity for innovation among Federal employees by teaching human-centered design through both workshops and mentoring in addition to managing a variety of design projects that address the high-priority needs of OPM and other Federal agencies.  Arianne came into the Federal Government as a Presidential Management Fellow at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after earning her MBA from the University of Michigan. Prior to that, Arianne worked to build and improve access to high quality public schools through a variety of organizations, including Chicago Public Schools, the U.S. Department of Education, and


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