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Daniel Serfaty iFest Presentation

Learning at Scale: This Time, It’s Personal!

Daniel Serfaty

“Learning at scale” is a concept that expands learning/training goals and trajectories along two dimensions, time and space:

  • Time: From a focus about a single training event (e.g., course, simulation, curriculum) to that of lifelong learning that involves both experiential learning at work and formal training experiences
  • Space: From a focus on an individual’s skill development and proficiency to that of assessing and achieving an enterprise readiness

In order to achieve the goal of learning at scale, the depth and breadth of focused and personalized competency definition, rigorous assessment of proficiency, and adaptive didactic and experiential intervention, have to be greatly improved. The aggregation of such individualized assessment and improvement process from an individual to a unit level, and then on to an enterprise level is the next challenge for our community. This presentation will propose a framework to help us think about innovative ways to tackle such a grand challenge.


Daniel Serfaty is Principal Founder, Chairman and CEO of Aptima, Inc., a business founded on the principle of Human-Centered Engineering, focusing on the definition, assessment, training, and engineering of competencies that drive human-machine performance. He is an internationally recognized leader in the application of rigorous modeling to improve decision-making performance, develop expertise in field settings, and apply engineering methods to the design of large-scale human-machine organizations. Recently, he has led the launch of Aptima Ventures, dedicated to commercializing Aptima’s intellectual property in human performance. Daniel Serfaty has undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, iFest 2017 31 July - 2 August 2017 Hilton Alexandria Mark Center 5000 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22311 Psychology, and Aeronautical Engineering from the Université de Paris and the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, an MS in Aerospace Engineering and a M.B.A. in International Management. His doctoral work pioneered a systematic approach to the analysis of distributed decision-making in dynamic environments. He is the recipient of the University of Connecticut Distinguished Service Award and has been inducted in its Engineering Hall of Fame.


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