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Elliot Robson iFest Presentation

Enhancing Distributed Learning Architectures with Crowd-Sourced Content, Automated Tagging, and Service- Oriented Distribution

Elliot Robson

Augmenting Next-Generation Learning Environments with Stories (ANGLES), is a TLA extension that enriches the TLA with first-person accounts that encapsulate vivid video narratives relevant to a learner. These stories enhance the TLA by creating a new Stories-as- a-Service capability consisting of: (1) a “crowd-sourcing” story capture capability that employs PC or mobile device media capture, supports user-selected tagging, and applies automated tagging based on machine transcription and keyword extraction; (2) a web- accessible server that catalogs content thematically and allows external applications to retrieve relevant stories and corresponding follow-up questions; (3) a set of APIs to inject this capability into the TLA services-based future learning ecosystems as a federated learning support service. Conceptually, ANGLES brings the research-supported instructional power of stories into the TLA, and as a solution, it presents a streamlined data-rich process for the collection, cataloguing, tagging, and integration of story content into other activity providers in the TLA. The ANGLES app is used to capture, describe, and upload user stories and includes robust APIs for the sharing, searching, tagging, transcribing, and reuse of narrative content. Meanwhile, ANGLES processes the story content using AI algorithms that transcribe and semantically tag contributed stories. With these metadata rich stories, ANGLES uses standards-driven APIs to provide on-demand content to TLA learning activities, expose those stories to the TLA ecosystem.


Elliot Robson is VP for Research at Eduworks Corporation and Principal Investigator (PI) on the PEBL project. Elliot designed numerous adaptive tablet-based learning materials and educational games while at Amplify Learning, a leading US educational technology provider, and has served as PI or Co-PI on related projects funded by ADL and the US Army Research Laboratory (ARL). He has been author or co- author on papers for many conferences, including I/ITSEC. He has helped develop competency-based tools and curricula for professional development and other training/education organizations. Elliot has a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Michigan and has worked for the United Nations as an education system analyst.


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