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Dr. Jeremiah T. Folsom-Kovarik iFest Presentation

Instructional Design with TLA-enabled Technologies

Dr. Jeremiah T. Folsom-Kovarik

ADL’s Total Learning Architecture (TLA) concept entails unprecedented opportunities for learning that is distributed and coordinated across time, space, settings, devices, and vendors. Exciting challenges arise in designing, or more possibly enabling, a coherent learning experience that is more than the sum of its parts. We suggest how new science and technology can help practitioners take advantage of TLA capabilities and create powerful personalized learning.


Dr. J.T. Folsom-Kovarik is SoarTech’s Principal Investigator for design, implementation, and application of the Total Learning Architecture specs and future standards. His research interests focus on efficient computational analytics and adaptation of learning to provide individual learners the tailored support or challenge they need.


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