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Jonathan Poltrack iFest Workshop

xAPI Intro Workshop

Jonathan Poltrack

This workshop will focus on providing a high level overview of the Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI). This session will focus on technical content and demonstrations.

The goals of this workshop are to introduce the concept and value of learning analytics, define and describe xAPI, consider the potential uses of xAPI (and associated learning analytics) in your organization, and discuss other open questions, such as security, privacy, and implementation best practices. The workshop is best suited for a technical audience, but anyone involved in a learning ecosystem may benefit.


Jonathan Poltrack is a software engineer and project manager who has been involved with technology- assisted learning and the DoD’s Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative since 1999. Through 2004, Jonathan was a contributor, editor and developer of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), which became a de facto global e-learning specification. In 2009, Jonathan rejoined ADL with the goal of modernizing aging learning technologies by creating a new series of learning platform specifications to enable the use of emerging technologies and learning science. The first of these specifications, the Experience API (xAPI), updates the SCORM Run-Time and expands types of learning content to be inclusive of native handheld apps, simulations, virtual worlds, sensors, games and other content modalities. Currently, Jonathan is organizing many competency-based education projects at the ADL Initiative


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