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Dr. Keith R. Beurskens iFest Presentation

Army University and The Army Learning Strategy

Dr. Keith R. Beurskens

Army University is introduced, followed by the Army Learning Strategy, and examples of initiatives ArmyU is exploring to realize the strategy. Many of the initiatives have technological requirements in order to achieve the desired end states. Initiatives include: Implementation of a Competency-Based Education Model, Expanding/Modernizing Enterprise Classrooms and Wireless Access to Learning, Establishing a Federated Library Suite, Developing Research Collaboration Tools, Development of a Blended End-to- End Faculty Development Program, Exploring Next Generation Learning Management Systems, Developing a Federated Registrar System, Leveraging Data to Develop Strategic Management Indicators, Personal Learning Profiles, and Enable Talent Management Assessment, A new 2+@ Degree Initiative for Enlisted Soldiers, and the Credentialing, Certification, & Licensing.


Dr. Keith Beurskens is the Deputy Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Army University. Dr. Beurskens was the lead author for the Army University White Paper and the Strategic Business Plan for the Army University which led to Department of the Army approval to establish the Army University in June, 2015. Dr. Beurskens prior Department experience includes establishing and serving as the Deputy of the School of Advanced Leadership and Tactics within the Command and General Staff College, and serving as Chief of the Institutional Leader Development Division, Center for Army Leadership. Dr. Beurskens completed a twenty-four- year military career that included assignments in combat engineer units, the Corps of Engineers, Professor of Military Science at the University of Illinois, and MACOM level staffs. Dr. Beurskens holds a Doctorate of Management in organizational leadership and attended the Harvard Senior Executive Fellows program in 2012.


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