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Mike Rustici iFest Presentation

How to Implement Learning Analytics in 5 Steps

Mike Rustici

We live in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, where talent is our most precious asset. So, imagine if we were just IO percent better at improving the value of that asset and at improving the performance and productivity of our workforce.

There's so much untapped potential in the L&D industry, which has been stagnant during the last 15 years. Why? Because we didn't have practical methods for measuring our progress to know whether the programs we develop are effectively changing behaviors and improving performance.

But, that's changing thanks to the addition of learning data and analytics-which is the key to measuring results, impacting performance, and developing a culture of continuous improvement.

During this interactive session, learn the technology, the tools, and the practical application of getting sta1ted with learning analytics in your organization.


As an innovative software developer turned entrepreneur, Mike Rustici has been defining the e-learning industry for nearly 20 years.

After cofounding Rustici Software in 2002, Mike helped guide the first draft of the Tin Can API (xAPI) and invented the concept of a Learning Record Store (LRS)-revolutionizing the L&D world. In 2013, he delivered on the promise of Tin Can with the creation of Watershed, the flagship LRS that bridges the gap between training and performance.


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