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Nick Washburn iFest Presentation

xAPI from ISD to IT - Summary of 3 xAPI Case-Studies Used in the DOD

Nick Washburn

Many training leaders are still unaware of the what, how, and why xAPI is an important piece of the future of learning and training. The value proposition will answer the question of “How do I use it?” The answer to this question is different from ID to IT. This session will provide an overview of three diverse xAPI DOD case studies and will encourage questions. These case studies present in an easy to understand way, ranging from xAPI impact from the Instructional Design application all the way to enterprise architecture and security. This session will cover the 4 parts of an xAPI implementation: Design and Apply xAPI, Collect xAPI Data to an LRS, Report and Evaluate xAPI, Adapt to xAPI Data.


Currently, Nick Washburn serves as the Director of the Riptide Software Learning Division, where he leads the design and development of Riptide Elements®. Elements is a distance learning product line recognized in 2015 & 2016 by Brandon Hall Group as a "Best Advance in Learning Management Technology". The Riptide Learning Division aligns with the goals of the ADL Initiative, and Riptide is a member of DISC. Riptide Elements core product features the use of xAPI, ADL Conformant LRS, extensive work in xAPI research and development, and a growing list of xAPI/LRS strategies for today’s Commercial and Government learning enterprise. Since 2005 his career has primarily focused on leading the product and business development of award-winning distance learning technology solutions used by Fortune 50/500 and U.S. DoD.


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