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Robert N. Hatton iFest Presentation

Learner Experience Metrics - Best Practices

Robert N. Hatton

Trainers across all industries are keenly focused on delivering engaging products/services that effectively achieve training goals. Training goals are often described in quality and cost-effectiveness terms. Many trainers seek to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment. Others focus on compliance which seeks to address organizational standards and requirements. Higher expectations of a new generation of learners and the distributed nature of the training environment suggest the need for highly interactive multimedia and immediate access to information in the palm of their hands. Learning strategies have advanced to address recent research in brain science and adult learning. Training development includes multimedia, gaming, blended learning modalities, active and passive assessment tools, micro adaptation, content delivery methodologies, and social media integration. So how do you know if your training is achieving your training goals? It is more than just passing the end of course test. Collection and assessment of Learner Experience Metrics provide keen insights to how the learner experiences training, the depth of their learning and the longevity of knowledge retention. This presentation explores best practices and insights to the effective use of learner experience metrics. Session participants will have a better understanding of what types of learner experience metrics provide insights to development and delivery of effective training. Building learner experience metrics and assessment into curriculum development activities will help ensure that trainers will be able to better assess students’ level of engagement and learning in the new world of digital content development and delivery.


Mr. Robert Hatton leads SAIC’s ADL xAPI practice. Mr. Hatton directs independent research and development activities for accelerated learning and human performance training that seeks to reduce training resources, increase depth of learning and measure/reduce learning decay.


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