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Shelly Blake-Plock & Margaret Roth iFest Presentation

Learning Analytics

Shelly Blake-Plock & Margaret Roth

Because learning happens everywhere all the time, learning data is available everywhere all the time. In this presentation, we’ll take a look at ways to collect and analyze learning data wherever it is happening. We’ll discuss ways organizations are leveraging formative learning data — especially in simulations and experience-based learning programs — to gain insight into the value of training and preparedness programs. And we’ll look at ways that advancements both in data streaming architectures and in the analysis of social media activity feeds can be leveraged in the realm of distributed learning media and personalized learning content through the application of smart data design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


Shelly Blake-Plock is co-founder and CEO of Yet Analytics. Focused on the advancement of experiential data analytics and machine learning in the domain of human capital, he has worked widely on technology applications in training and learning both in corporate and education settings including the early testing of xAPI in live-action training simulations featuring a blend of wearable and IoT data.

Margaret is the Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of Yet Analytics, a human capital analytics company that builds the world's most visual xAPI Learning Record Store.

Margaret is most interested in the development and design of connected learning environments. Her background is in experiential learning, literary study, and team development. She is the VP of Community Impact for the Junior League of Baltimore, a member of the SXSWedu LAUNCHedu Advisory Board, a member of Baltimore's Innovation Village steering committee, and co-founder of EdTechWomen.

Margaret received her BA in English and Environmental Earth Science and her MA in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University. She is a die-hard Blue Jay Lacrosse fan, spends a lot of time cooking, writing, organizing, and exploring and her favorite science-fiction novel is Neuromancer by William Gibson.


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