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Partnership Network

The ADL Partnership Network is a managed community of interest, consisting of US-based government agencies, international military entities, and select US-based academic institutions. The network collaborates on developing and delivering world-class technology-based education, training, and personnel development. Largely, this work focuses on enhancing distributed learning research, implementation, and policy guidance in military and national government contexts.

The network helps expand access to quality education and training (anytime, anywhere); it strengthens international ties, and it creates a community for sharing requirements, establishing common standards and specifications, exchanging lessons-learned, and conducting collaborative research and implementation projects related to distributed learning.

The ADL Initiative Partnership Laboratories (i.e., academic institutions) support the network through research, while the governmental Partnership Centers focus more on operational training and education development and delivery. Together, this diverse team helps meet the ADL Initiative Partnership Network’s objectives to exchange information; promote a shared strategy; support development, testing and implementation; and influence the future.

Current Participants

The US ADL Initiative leads the ADL Partnership Network, which is comprised of several participants, including numerous international defense organizations, the US Office of Personnel Management, and a number of US-based universities: