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ADL "Academy" - Learning Science Community (ADL-A LSC)

Leveraging distributed learning community leaders to research the future of learning science and its implications for the DoD.


The Advanced Distributed Learning Academy (ADL-A) is a continued effort to build a learning science community (LSC) that supports the future Personal Assistant for Learning (PAL) and the Total Learning Architecture (TLA) "ubiquitous learning" ecosystem. The ADL-A LSC consists of community leaders from academic institutions, training and learning industries, the ADL Global Partnership Network, and relevant Government and Defense agencies. This project informs the ADL Initiative's Research and Development (R&D) focus and future efforts. Results from this project include a framework of the ADL-A LSC that demonstrates usable sample learning content and documented processes. The overarching goal is produce a textbook that identifies best practices and outlines a roadmap for improving and optimizing future learning interventions.

Major Deliverables

  • LSC Advisory Board formation
  • Working groups and conferences on the future of distributed learning
  • “Modernizing Learning” textbook (2019)

Project Details

Period of Performance: FY17-FY19

External Performers: University of Memphis (UoM), Department of Psychology, Center for Applied Psychological Research

Contract: W911QY-17-C-0034