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Concept Maps for Distributed Learning (CMAPS/Sero!)

Automated, xAPI-compliant, browser-based concept map learning assessments.


Sero! uses browser-based concept maps, a diagramming technique for representing, assessing, and transferring knowledge, into the context of the Total Learning Architecture (TLA), informing the maturation of the “learning ecosystem” concept. This effort is developing the Sero! tool, a prototype web-based software package providing automated support for the process of assessing learners' mental models using concept mapping. Sero! is now a mature, open-source software tool, that supports xAPI and learner/assessor feedback and implement reporting capabilities.

Major Deliverables

  • System Requirements, Use Cases & Design Documents
  • Sero! participation in TLA development and experimentation
  • xAPI-compliant Sero! v1.0 open-source software

Project Details

Period of Performance: FY16-FY18

External Performers: Perigean Technologies, LLC

Contract: W911QY-16-C-0081


Sero!: A Learning Assessment Platform for Adult Learning Environments

2018; Moon, Brian; Rizvi, Sana
Training and development programs within corporate environments have seen a significant expansion in recent years. Yet there is little research regarding workplace learning assessments. Learning assessments could be used as a tool to gauge employee knowledge in a specific domain...

Maturation, Evaluation, Alignment and Testing of Sero!

2017; ADL Publication; Moon, Brian
This Technical Report Study/Services Ad Hoc Reports and Works is intended to deliver 3.2.4 a Base POP Final Report by summarizing the work performed during the Base POP, assess progress, identify solved and unsolved technical problems, and set forth specific...