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Data Analytics & Visualizations Efficiently (DAVE)

Analysis and visualization of learner data within the TLA.


The Data Analytics and Visualizations Efficiently (DAVE) project explores the use of a novel assessment tool in the context of the Total Learning Architecture (TLA), which helps inform the maturation of the “learning ecosystem” concept by generating unique learner data. DAVE extends the experience application programming interface (xAPI) within the TLA by developing models, prototypes, and specifications for analyzing, interpreting, and visualizing data. These data analytics and visualizations will interact with various components of the TLA, and allow for the extraction, analysis, packaging, and presentation of xAPI data from within and across a TLA-enabled environment.

Major Deliverables

  • Concept designs for dashboard exemplars and data visualizations for TLA
  • Limited-scale prototype algorithms and data visualization dashboards for TLA
  • Phase I Framework for xAPI Analytics and TLA Data Visualizations

Project Details

Period of Performance: FY16-FY18

External Performers: Yet Analytics

Contract: W911QY-16-C-0109


Data Analytics and Visualization Environment for xAPI and the Total Learning Architecture: DAVE Learning Analytics Algorithms

2019; Yet Analytics, Inc.
This report introduces a language for defining the functionality of learning analytics algorithms in terms of Operations, Primitives and Algorithms which will be used to define Algorithms corresponding to an initial set of learning analytics questions.