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Open Social Learner Model (OSLM)


The Open Social Learner Model (OSLM) leverages the power of open social learning modeling and adaptive navigation support in the context of the envisioned Personal Assistant for Learning system. OSLM is designed to increase motivation and performance in students that use the system by providing them with access to the Mastery Grids user interface. This interface includes visualizations that display progress of a student’s knowledge by topic and compares personal progress with the progress of the class. It also offers direct access to the learning content.

Progress is being made to add learning content and authoring tools, implement cross-content sequencing (i.e., how to guide students to content of different types), and to develop a new infrastructure for data collection.

Adaptive Navigation Support and OSLM for PAL

The PAWS project allows the user to leverage the power of open social learner modeling and adaptive navigation support in the context of the envisioned Personalized Assistant for Learning (PAL). Go To Project Site

Visit the GitHub Project for PAWS

View the University of Pittsburgh PAWS Lab MasteryGrids GitHub project. Go to GitHub