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Privacy Support for the Total Learning Architecture (PS4TLA)

Researching the foundations of privacy for future learning ecosystems.

Privacy by Design - Spring 2019


The PS4TLA project investigates user-tailored privacy to support Total Learning Architecture (TLA) users’ privacy decisions. The user-tailored privacy methodology accounts for the high variability and context-dependency of people’s privacy decisions by creating a personalized, context-dependent model of users’ privacy preferences, and then tailors users’ privacy settings to these modeled preferences. A summit will be held to develop an industry standard for user-tailored privacy, followed by a report with recommendations for privacy support for the TLA, and a draft specification for privacy support for the TLA.

Major Deliverables

  • TLA Privacy Specification (Versions 0.1/0.2/1.0) (Privacy Research)
  • Standard-setting summit, report, and webinar
  • Webinar on user-tailored privacy
  • Research prototype release

Cross-Cultural Privacy Predictions (2017 Article)

Project Details

Period of Performance: FY16-FY19

External Performers: Clemson University, School of Computing, Human-Centered Computing

Contract: W911QY-16-C-0105


PS4TLA: Privacy Support for the Total Learning Architecture Volume 5 - Policy Requirements

2019; Clemson University; Knijnenburg, B.P.; Ghaiumy Anaraky, R.; Bahirat, P; He, Y.; Namara, M.; Ash, E.; Johnson, A
The purpose of this document is to outline how privacy regulations and recommendations outlined in Federal laws and memorandums, DoD Directives and Instructions, and standardized guidelines are applicable to Total Learning Architecture (TLA)-based systems. The set of recommendations put forth...

Privacy Support for the Total Learning Architecture: Summit Report

2018; Knijnenburg, B.P.; et al
How can we reconcile the need for extensive customizability with users' apparent lack of skills and motivation to manage their own privacy settings? In this report we investigate User-Tailored Privacy as means to support users' privacy decision-making. With User-Tailored Privacy...

PS4TLA: Privacy Support for the Total Learning Architecture: Modeling Factors

2018; Knijnenburg, B.P.; et al
The purpose of this document is to make recommendations for implementing User-Tailored Privacy (UTP) into Total Learning Architecture (TLA)-based systems and to inform ADL and other TLA performers about the Modeling Factors that need to be considered in the context...

PS4TLA: Privacy Support for the Total Learning Architecture Operational Characteristics

2017; Knijnenburg, B.P.; et al
The Total Learning Architecture (TLA) is a set of specifications to enable the development of next-generation learning systems. As the TLA specifications are being developed, there exists an opportunity to implement Privacy by Design(PbD), where privacy is treated as a...

Death To The Privacy Calculus?

2017; SSRN Journal, Social Science Research Network; Knijnenburg, B.P.; Cherry, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Sivakumar, S.; Raybourn, E.; Sloan, H.
The "privacy calculus" has been used extensively to describe how people make privacy-related decisions. At the same time, many researchers have found that such decisions are often anything but calculated. More recently, the privacy calculus has been used in service...