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SCORM® 2004 (3rd Edition)

Released in 2006, this version of SCORM® benefited from the lessons learned of the previous versions through support of the ADL community. SCORM® 2004 3rd Edition addresses the issues that were discovered in SCORM® 2004 2nd Edition and provided a stable version for content developers and distance learning product producers to confidently use.

However, ADL Initiative encourages content developers and those who produce distributed learning products to conform to SCORM® 2004 4th Edition, the most recent version of the SCORM® specification.

ADL Initiative continues to provide SCORM® 2004 3rd Edition archives in order to provide historical documentation and resources in support of learning environments and systems that have not migrated to the 4th edition.

SCORM® Resources

SCORM® Overview
SCORM® 1.2
SCORM® 2004 (4th Edition)
SCORM® Certification, Conformance, and Adoption
SCORM® Acquisition Guidance

Official Documentation

Technical Specification (3rd Ed.)
Impact Summary

Compatibility Testing Resources

LMS Test Packages (3rd Ed.)
Conformance Test Suite 1.1.2
* For those looking for the Conformance Test Suite 1.0.2, ADL recommends use of 1.1.2. The 1.0.2 version does not effectively support modern versions of Java or IE. If you are obligated to use the 1.0.2 version, click here to download it.

Additional Resources

Users Guide for Instructional Designers
Users Guide for Programmers
Official ADL SCORM® API Wrappers
RELOAD Content Editor
Sample Run-time Environment 1.2.2

Content Examples (3rd Edition)

Data Model
Manifest Basics
Sequencing Essentials
Sequencing Example: Default
Sequencing Example: Competency Assessment
Sequencing Example: Knowledge-paced
Sequencing Example: Linear