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MODSIM World Special Event, The Simulation Century - Force of the Future

April 26, 2016 @ 8:10 am - 9:40 am

Convention center interior

Convention center interior

The Simulation Century: Force of the Future

This is our fourth annual session to address the growing issue of managing the human/ machine interface as we hurtle towards the Singularity. We will continue our discussion of how to achieve fluency with smarter simulations, achieving the right blend of man and machine to optimize outcomes. The Simulation Century Panel presentations will focus on the growing importance of simulation in a wide variety of fields from healthcare and education to government and military. These brief, high impact presentations will envision how 21st century simulation will shape humanity’s future.

Moderator: Mr. Richard Boyd, CEO, SZL.IT


  • Mr. Richard Boyd, CEO, SZL.IT, “The Force of the Future: Man vs. Machine”
  • Mr. Kevin Clark, President, Content Evolution, “Choiceflow – Matching People with Automated Work Opportunities”
  • Mr. Miles Palmer, Co-Founder, 8Rivers Capital, “The Transparent Society and the Force of the Future”
  • Mr. David Pickering, Vice President, USFalcon, “Simulation, Security and the Force of the Future”
  • Dr. Sae Schatz, Director, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, “Lifelong Learning in the Force of the Future”
  • Mr. Bryan Setser, Partner, 2Revolutions, “Creating a Culture of Innovation and Practice for ModSIM in K-26 Education”

Organizer: MODSIM World 2016

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