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Global/Flag Officers Panel (I/ITSEC 2017)

Training and education technologies have amazing promise; however, without the guiding blueprint of learning science, technological solutions can become costly, cumbersome, and ineffectual. At worst, technologies may be seen as "silver bullets" or magical solutions, capable of solving training or education challenges by simply purchasing the latest systems (a road that leads to disillusionment, waste, and potentially expensive failure). Modeling, simulation, training, and education professionals know better. Subject matter experts realize that effective learning technologies can only realize their promise when implemented smartly– well-designed instructional content, intentional performance assessment, and thoughtful learning strategies. This panel brings together senior personnel from across the Coalition military enterprise to convey this important, shared message. That is: Learning technologies, alone, will not solve our training and education challenges. Only when consistently paired with learning science will we realize the benefits of these advanced systems. This special event will include a moderated panel discussion, beginning with short individual statements from the General and Flag Officer participants. The speakers will each discuss an aspect of their shared message, from their own perspectives. Following this, the audience will be invited to offer questions.

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