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PERLS: Transitioning New Learning Opportunities to the DoD Workforce

August 18, 2021 • 1400-1500 EDT (U.S.)

Speakers: Chad Udell (Float) and Scotty Craig (Arizona State University)

PERLS Device Screenshots

Overview: The PERvasive Learning System (PERLS) is an open-source digital learning platform designed for delivering modern, mobile, learning opportunities. This platform includes authoring tools, a content management system, and adaptive sequencing that creates personalized learning paths and recommendations for each learner. This webinar walks attendees through a series of case studies that show how PERLS is used to support different DoD organizations. An update on PERLS transition activities, cybersecurity accreditation, and deployment strategies for interested DoD organizations will also be provided.

Join us to learn how three organizations are using PERLS.

Subject: PERLS drives organizational performance through a broad collection of rich media types and interactive content creation tools that support the rapid import of user-generated content and the organization of new content into topic areas and courses. PERLS adaptively tailors the delivery of content that is relevant to each learner. Learners can also choose different topics of interest to customize their experiences. PERLS is instrumented with xAPI to enable reporting and sharing of learner performance. Dashboards track learner performance while also providing insights into content effectiveness, reuse, and learner engagement.

This webinar walks attendees through different case studies that showcase how PERLS micro-learning features and learning content are sequenced together to improve learning. Each case study demonstrates different approaches for designing and delivering content intended for different instructional topics. Testing and evaluation activities will be described and discussed and a progress report on PERLS’ transition and accreditation to run on DoD networks will also be provided.

Audience: Learning professionals, training specialists, and IT professionals involved in knowledge management of learning content and social learning; executive decision-makers looking for micro learning and performance ecosystem approaches that go beyond traditional training and tracking approaches.

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Contact: If you have any questions about the webinar, please contact the Technical Webinar Coordinator, Liz Bradley, at

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