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cmi5 xAPI Profile

cmi5 is a profile for using the xAPI specification with traditional learning management (LMS) systems. That is, the use case for which the cmi5 profile is specifically designed is one where the learner launches the learning content/activity from the LMS user interface. The founding goal of cmi5 was to provide a better alternative to current AICC/SCORM® specifications with something considerably more flexible, robust, and adaptable to today’s technologies. In 2013, the group decided to align with the efforts of xAPI to enable the specific goals of:

  • A simplified tracking data model
  • The ability to record and report/retrieve content-defined data
  • Support for content as a service (CaaS) model of delivery
  • Device/OS/browser independence
  • The ability to share data between learning activities

Since the xAPI specification is highly generalized to support many different use cases, a set of “extra rules” (called a profile) is needed to ensure interoperability for a given use case. The cmi5 profile ensures plug and play interoperability between learning content and LMS systems.

Date Started: 20 February 2013

Meeting Schedule: Meetings are every Friday from 10:30 – 11:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. Participants can register at

Group Page / Website: