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Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Working Group

Date Started: Summer 2019

The purpose of this working group is to foster the creation of a comprehensive strategy for managing learning data interoperability through collaboration with industry, academia, and government. There are approximately 200 members from DoD and Federal Government.

  • Background: The TLA is a framework of technical standards and data interoperability specifications intended to provide “plug-and-play” interoperability across learning tools, technologies, platforms, and activities. The TLA will define the data models, interface specifications, centralized software services, communication protocols, and application methods necessary to support interoperability of learning and development data across the talent management enterprise.
  • Expected Outcomes: Advancement of the TLA vision through the development and adoption of standards, specifications, services, business rules, and best practices that define how training, education, and personnel management technologies “talk” to each other (syntactically and semantically).
  • Working Group Impact: Four TLA subcommittees have formed to develop solutions for the following key areas: Universal Learner Records, Competency Management, Content and Activity Metadata, and DoD xAPI Profiles. These subcommittee contributions will help to accelerate innovation and improvements in DoD training and personnel management by building a consensus around a detailed TLA vision.

For more information, contact Brent Smith (contractor).