# Working Groups

Working groups are required for collaboration on profiles and transition of ownership, as necessary. All users may view information about working groups and their profiles.

Screenshot of a list of working groups

# Creation

Any profile server user may create a working group. A working group requires a name and a link to where the group collaborates for creation. The collaboration space could be any link, ideally this link gives an outside user a way to contact the working group.

By default, the user who creates the working group is also the administrator of the working group. They may add members who have accounts on the server and approve new members.

Screenshot of creating a working group

# Membership

Any logged in server user may request to join any working group. When a join request is made, a notification is sent to the working group administrators to approve or deny.

Screenshot of members

A working group admin or server administrator may add a user who has an account on the server and assign them a role in the working group. A member cannot be added until they have created an account on the system.

Screenshot of adding a member

# Profiles

A working group may have any number of profiles. The create profile process may be started on the working group profiles page. The working group name is declared as the author of the profile in exported JSON-LD.

Screenshot of a list of profiles

# API Key Management

Only working group administrators may see or work in the API Key section of a working group. They may review keys, create new keys, and edit keys from this screen.

Screenshot of a list of API key records

An API key requires name and permissions. The key may be set as enabled or disabled by editing the API key. The key may also be removed by editing it.

Screenshot of creating an API key