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A Learning Record Store (LRS) is the implementation of the server-side requirements associated with the xAPI specification. The LRS is a key component of the xAPI architecture. It is the application interface for storing, accessing, and often visualizing the data about learning experiences, activities, and performance.

An LRS is also required to validate the format of the statements as many of the requirements in the xAPI specification are targeted toward the LRS component. An LRS could be optionally integrated with any application such as a LMS, Human Resources (HR) system, or it could serve as centralized data store in an enterprise learning ecosystem. Third party applications which send or retrieve learning activity data will interact with the LRS as the data store for xAPI data. An LRS could also simply provide value as a stand-alone application without any integration points.

As part of our research on xAPI, ADL Initiative developed an open-source LRS intended to provide a platform for testing and prototype purposes only. It should not be relied upon for scalability or security like a commercial LRS application should. The ADL LRS can be used in conjunction with many of the Open Source tools from ADL Initiative as well as others from the xAPI community.

Visit ADL LRS Site

This is a reference of an LRS as described in the xAPI specification. Go to ADL LRS

View ADL LRS on GitHub

The GitHub page hosts all of the documentation and instructions for setting up an LRS. Go to GitHub