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Experience xAPI Overview

Broadly defined, the Experience API (xAPI) lets applications share data about human performance. More precisely, xAPI lets you capture (big) data on human performance, along with associated instructional content or performance context information. xAPI applies human (and machine) readable “activity streams” to tracking data and provides sub-APIs to access and store information about state and content. This enables nearly dynamic tracking of activities from any platform or software system—from traditional Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to mobile devices, simulations, wearables, physical beacons, and more.

xAPI can track micro-behaviors, state, and context such as…

  • Reading an article or interacting with an eBook
  • Watching a training video, stopping and starting it
  • Training data from a simulation
  • Performance in a mobile app
  • Chatting with a mentor
  • Physiological measures, such as heart-rate data
  • Micro-interactions with e-learning content
  • Team performance in a multi-player serious game
  • Quiz scores and answer history by question
  • Real-world performance in an operational context

xAPI is 100% free, open source, lightweight, and adaptable; it can be used to augment almost any performance assessment situation. It is currently being used in many LMSs, museums, flight simulators, firing ranges, and emergency medical services.

Download the xAPI Flyer

More Granular Insight

Background & History

Technical Specifications

Architecture Overview

Additional Resources

xAPI Technical Specification
ADL Initiative Sample LRS
ADL Initiative’s Controlled Vocabulary
Choosing an LRS

Open Source Tools from ADL Initiative

xAPI Wrapper
xAPI Statement Viewer
xAPI Lab
xAPI Dashboard
xAPI Java Library
xAPI + YouTube
Mobile Course Example
All Tools

Content Examples & Profiles

Original xAPI Examples
cmi-5 Profile

Adding xAPI to SCORM®

SCORM® to xAPI Wrapper
xAPI SCORM® Profile
SCORM® to TLA Roadmap
Intro to Developing Web-based xAPI Content
Starting from SCORM®: A Developer’s Guide

Integrate with the xAPI Community

Communities of Practice

The ADL xAPI directory was launched in order to help facilitate the creation and sharing of xAPI work within various xAPI communities and interest groups.

View the xAPI Weekly Calls Calendar

The ADL team facilitators are hosting weekly conference calls for the xAPI community. View the calendar to see the next scheduled call.

xAPI Adopters

In response to the growing demand for reference implementations, the ADL Initiative has begun to collect case studies – stories of actual implementations – from adopting organizations. See xAPI Adopters.

Spec & Conformance Group

Public Group forum focused on the xAPI-Specification.

xAPI Design Group

This group is focused on designing and making experiences with the Experience API. It is also the nerve center of the xAPI Design Cohort. Go to the Group

Design Cohort & Resources

An archive of xAPI resources developed by and for groups in the xAPI Design Cohorts.

ADL xAPI Vocabulary

Vocabulary working group activity that investigates the use of semantic web technology for providing the meaning of xAPI verbs and activity.

xAPI Profiles

The xAPI Profiles working group builds off of the previous work from the vocabulary working group, and is focused on formalizing the approach and processes for creating and publishing xAPI Profiles, and leveraging JSON-LD for representing profile data.