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Flash® Deprecation Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Working Group

Date Started: Winter 2018

The purpose of this working group is to help coordinate DoD and the Federal Government efforts to address the challenges Adobe Flash deprecation has posed to the DL community. There are approximately 115 members, comprised of 23 DoD organizations including all military branches. The Working Group maintains a SharePoint site with resources such as Flash® detection scripts and HTML5 templates.

  • Background: Thousands of education and training programs within the DoD use Adobe Flash which are now at risk due to the deprecation of this software platform. Browser platforms are also phasing out their ability to run Adobe Flash. Once fully deprecated, these courses will not function unless migrated to a different platform.
  • Expected Outcomes: Decreased risk of courseware failing due to DoD components successfully migrating from Adobe Flash by using proven technical solutions and tools, best practices, and lessons learned. More optimized DL systems resulting from the identification of enterprise efficiencies and recommended practices for modernizing content when eradicating Adobe Flash.
  • Working Group Impact: Numerous tools, cost calculators, scripts, and templates to address Adobe Flash deprecation have been shared among working group participants from various branches. These capabilities, now being used across the DoD enterprise, have streamlined the content migration process. Participation from the offices of the DoD CIO and DoD CMO have helped raise awareness of this issue across other DoD functional communities to help maintain readiness.

For more information, contact Brent Smith (contractor).