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xAPI Adoption

Date Started: Winter 2018

The purpose of this working group is to facilitate the enterprise-wide adoption of xAPI within the DoD by collaboratively identifying and addressing adoption roadblocks. There are approximately 200 members, comprised of 60 agencies including all military branches.

  • Background: xAPI is a specification that enables the collection of a wide range of experience data gathered during an individual’s continuum of learning. By using xAPI in Distributed Learning (DL) content, an expanded amount of high-value learner information can be tracked in accordance with security best practices.
  • Expected Outcomes: The specification, when fully implemented, will allow data from all DL systems to coalesce, providing opportunities to run advanced data analytics across previously “stovepiped” DL systems. Expanded data analytics will enable a greater understanding of the learner’s ability to acquire required skills and knowledge during his or her military career.
  • Working Group Impact: The working group has influenced the ADL Initiative’s research portfolio by helping define requirements for an xAPI Profile Server that includes authoring tools, validation processes, and a shared library. The working group also identified a need to reduce barriers to entry for accrediting Learner Record Store solutions, and contributed to creation of templates, Security Implementation Technical Guides (STIG) tests and benchmarks, and other documentation required to support the widespread adoption of xAPI across the DoD.

For more information, contact Andy Johnson (contractor).