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Convention center interior

MODSIM World Special Event, Innovation in Action - Real Applications of Emerging Learning Science & Technology

April 28, 2016 @ 8:00 am - 9:30 am

Convention center interior

Innovation in Action: Real Applications of Emerging Learning Science & Technology

Learning Science doesn’t stop at the theory stage, or at the initial development of techniques and application of measurements to assess impact. For learning science to have a meaningful application, it must be integrated into new technologies during the development process, not just added on as a ‘good idea’ later. This panel will feature thought leaders and technology developers who are actively applying Learning Science principles to new learning technologies. They will discuss the learning science that underpins their technologies, and provide a demo of each system, spanning from new concepts for learning management systems to models for supporting interactive tutors.

Moderator: Dr. Sae Schatz, Director, Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative


  • Dr. Michael Freed, Program Director, Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International
  • Mr. Mark Torpey, Principal Investigator, Virtual Worlds Lab, Lockheed Martin, Mission Systems and Training (MST), Advanced Simulation Centers (ASC)
  • Mr. Steven Vergenz, Software Engineer, ADL Initiative

Organizer: MODSIM World 2016

Presenter: Dr. Sae Schatz