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DoD Distributed Learning Governance

The ADL Initiative is a leader in distributed learning policy and technical guidance for the DoD community.

DoD Instruction 1322.26 (“Distributed Learning”)

DoDI 1322.26 cover page

The DoDI 1322.26 establishes policy, responsibilities, and requirements for developing, managing, providing, and evaluating distributed learning for DoD military and civilian personnel.

This policy directs that DoD personnel will have access to state-of-the-art, affordable, effective, and convenient education and training opportunities, including distributed learning tools. It also directs that distributed learning should always be considered as a potential instructional delivery option when designing (or revising) DoD education and training.

The Instruction also emphasizes distributed learning interoperability, in terms of both the systems and the data they produce. It instructs the use of a net-centric DoD architecture and common standards, and in particular, it recommends the use of the Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI). In addition to xAPI, it also recommends the use of other data standards in the associated References, which are updated approximately twice annually via the Defense ADL Advisory Committee (DADLAC).

The Instruction formally charts the DADLAC and assigns responsibilities to both the DADLAC and the ADL Initiative. These responsibilities include active coordination, ensuring the implementation of high-quality measurement and analysis methods, and exchanging captured data among DoD Components’ interoperable systems.

DoDI 1322.26 provides the following guidance:

  • DoD personnel will have access to state-of-the-art, affordable, and effective education.

  • In the design process, distributed learning will be considered as a delivery option, with accessibility consistent with Section 508 requirements for users with disabilities.

  • Distributed learning capabilities will be based on interoperable standards.

  • DoD Components will migrate away from SCORM-enabled courseware in favor of cmi5 and Experience Application Programming Interface (xAPI).

  • Distributed learning data will be shared throughout DoD to the maximum extent.

  • DoD Components will consider Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) when acquiring distributed learning systems.

  • Refer to the DoDI references for additional guidance on distributed learning technology requirements.