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DoD Distributed Learning Governance

The ADL Initiative is a leader in distributed learning policy and technical guidelines. The Initiative stewards policy support surrounding the Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 1322.26 (“Distributed Learning”), identifies unifying needs and strategies across the distributed learning community, and creates best practices for other agencies to follow.

The issuance of DoDi 1322.26 establishes policy, assigns responsibilities, prescribes procedures, and establishes information requirements for developing, managing, providing, and evaluating distributed learning for DoD military and civilian personnel, addresses emerging learning science and technology concepts and challenges, and implements policies related to education and training, and authorizes the recording, analysis, portability, and management of learning experience data.

DoD Instruction 1322.26 (“Distributed Learning”)

The ADL Initiative is the steward for the DoD Instruction 1322.26 (“Distributed Learning”). Originally published in 2006 and revised in 2017, this DoD Instruction establishes processes for developing, managing, providing, and evaluating distributed learning for DoD military and civilian personnel. It also addresses emerging learning science and technology concepts and challenges related to education and training. Additionally, the DoDI formally charters the Defense ADL Advisory Committee (DADLAC), the advisory body for distributed learning policy stewardship, resource and information exchange, and monitoring of emerging distributed learning technologies and techniques.

The DoDI 1322.26 provides guidance such as:

  • In the design process, distributed learning should be considered as a delivery option.
  • Distributed learning capabilities will be based on interoperable standards.
  • DoD personnel will have access to state-of-the-art, affordable, and effective education.
  • Distributed learning is an affordable and effective for education and training activities.
  • Distributed learning systems data will be shared throughout DoD to the maximum extent possible.


Similar to DoDI 1322.26, NATO STANAG (Standardization Agreement) 2591 (“Advanced Distributed Learning”) provides implementation guidance for coalition distributed learning, in particular, defining interoperability requirements and best practices. This STANAG is stewarded by the NATO Training Group’s Individual Training and Education Developments task group, which the ADL Initiative currently co-chairs on behalf of the US. As a condition of participation, nations agree to adopt SCORM 2004.