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ADL Initiative R&D Projects

The ADL Initiative strives to advance distributed learning science techniques and technologies via research, development, and collaboration. Our R&D project areas and corresponding projects are listed below. (Although, in practice, these areas often overlap and interconnect.) All projects are carried out by the ADL Initiative staff, external vendors (performers), and designated stakeholders (collaborators).

Organizations interested in working with the ADL Initiative on this or other digital learning modernization projects can reach out to start the conversation.

You can download the ADL Initiative Products and Services Catalog PDF to view highlights of some of our current projects.

Distributed Learning Interoperability

Historically, the ADL Initiative has emphasized interoperability, and we invest heavily in ensuring that distributed learning systems can effectively exchange and make use of learning-related content and data.

Learning Data Measurement, Handling, Analysis, and Visualization

Improved measurement, storage, analysis, and remediation of learners’ performance is the lynchpin to the ADL Initiative’s future learning vision. Data-driven learning enables real-time adaptations and will enable organizational adaptability at higher levels.

Learning Technology Platforms

The ADL Initiative’s R&D projects help modernize defense and government distributed learning. The transition of R&D projects to operational use for the DoD and Federal government is supported through testing and collaborating with the Distributed Learning community.

Learning Science

Effective application of learning science can enhance any and all aspects of the previously outlined vision, and to be clear, the use of iterative, evidence-based learning science methodologies is a critical enabler of those elements.


The ADL Initiative provides policy support surrounding the DoD Instruction 1322.26, identifies unifying needs and strategies across the distributed learning community, and creates best practices for other agencies to follow.