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Colloquium 2016 Speakers artwork

ASU Colloquium Presentation, A Vision for Future Learning Technology and Science

June 2, 2016 @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Venue: Arizona State University, Tempe Campus

Address: Payne Hall West, Results Room 129

Colloquium 2016 Speakers artwork

Dr. Schatz will provide a presentation titled, “A Vision for Future Learning Technology and Science” as part of ASU’s Institute for the Science of Teaching & Learning 2016 Colloquium Speaker Series.

Globalization, social media, ever-increasing computing power, and the proliferation of low-cost advanced technologies have created a level of worldwide complexity and rapid change never before seen.  For individuals and organizations to remain competitive in this environment, we must identify new ways to frictionlessly empower quality decision-making and more efficiently support ubiquitous lifelong learning.

Emerging technologies can help, for instance, by enabling adaptive learning, ecological performance assessments, and higher-fidelity technology-mediated experiences. However, we won’t realize the promise of these advanced technologies without careful application of the corresponding learning science principles.

This colloquium will first discuss a vision for a future of learning ecosystem. We will then more deeply explore one learning science concept relevant to that vision, a concept dubbed Industrial Knowledge Design, which focuses on improving the way we design information in order to better support the construction of knowledge in the receivers.

Organizer: The Institute for the Science of Teaching and Learning

Presenter: Dr. Sae Schatz