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Training 2021 Conference & Expo

Training matters! Innovate your training for a new world of work

February 8, 2021 - February 12, 2021


Training 2021 graphic

Training Matters
Join us for featured keynotes each day, exploring creativity and motivation, equity and inclusion, and digital learning.

Training Leadership
Following each virtual keynote, see some of the incredible work learning leaders from Visa, Microsoft, UPS, NASA, Verizon and others have been doing these past months to keep our colleagues engaged, skilled and well. These sessions will reflect the lessons learned during 2020, as well as provide inspiration for rebuilding the fundamental nature of workplace learning and work itself.

Training Essentials
Led by innovative, expert facilitators, these guide-on-the-side sessions in core content areas will give you the nuts and bolts, insights, real-world tips and practical solutions to the hurdles you face every day. Learn the basics of instructional design, engaging delivery, effective assessment, how to make training stick, and how to train on a shoestring budget.

Training Innovation
Take a virtual tour of AdventHealth Nicholson Center, one of the nation’s largest, most-advanced surgical training centers. See how they simulate real life to teach surgical techniques in robotics, laparoscopy, orthopedics, and other specialties. Be prepared to get “hands on” virtually with daVinci robots and laparoscopic surgery!

Training Tech
The Training Technology Test Kitchen is designed for sharing innovative tools, new media, and approaches to integrating technology into learning. Master Chefs will talk learning design, discuss “recipes” (quick how-to guides), and share training tech demos. You’ll also see the latest in virtual and augmented reality in the VR/AR Pantry!

Training Social
Virtual learning is not all work — there will be time to play, network and interact! Participate in John Chen’s virtually delivered team-building and gamification experiences, applying the best practices he’s discovered during COVID lock down this past year.

Training 2021 will explore:

  • Designing for Learning & Engagement
  • Participant-Centered Delivery & Facilitation • Development Tools, Media & Platforms
  • Managing the Training Function
  • Measuring ROI/Learning Effectiveness
  • Strategic Planning
  • Moving Learning Online
  • Behavior Change and Analytics
  • The Role of Emerging Technologies
  • Building High-Impact Leadership Development Programs
  • Gamification & Game-Based Learning for Increased Engagement & Stickiness