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LAK21 conference beach scene graphic

Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK21) Conference

The impact we make: the contributions of learning analytics to learning

April 14, 2021 - April 16, 2021


LAK21 conference beach scene graphic

LAK21 welcomes all learning analytics researchers and practictioners to join a productive dialogue around the future of learning analytics. We invite both researchers and practitioners of learning analytics to come and join a proactive dialogue around the future of learning analytics and its practical adoption. We further extend our invite to educators, leaders, administrators, government and industry professionals interested in the field of learning analytics and related disciplines.

As academic fields concerned with the human condition develop and mature, their impact on advancing scientific understanding and practical application becomes an important marker of success. As an integrated and multi-disciplinary research topic, learning analytics is presented with questions regarding its contributions in two areas: 1. the respective fields from which it draws, 2. its own development as a research domain.

Given the rapid global adoption of technology and online learning, due to COVID-19, we are additionally soliciting learning analytics research related to the classroom, teaching, learning, and organizational impact of this transition. The areas of research could include learning design practices, faculty and student response, and the role of learning analytics in supporting and informing the move to online for all stakeholders involved.

Organizer: Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR)