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ADL Initiative and AICC Collaborate on the Experience API

October 31, 2012

The Aviation Industry Computer-Based-Training Committee (AICC) and the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative have agreed to collaborate to improve and solidify the Experience API (formerly referred to as "Tin Can"), ensuring its viability for the aviation industry and other communities served by AICC.

ADL Initiative is focusing its research efforts on a next generation online learning environment called the Training & Learning Architecture, or TLA. The TLA will provide learners with richer and more innovative learning experiences. TLA component capabilities will include experience tracking, content brokering, content "understanding," learner profiles, and competency networks. The experience tracking, which we refer to as the "Experience API," is the initial phase of the TLA.

One of the principal goals for the Experience API is to capture detailed data from simulations. AICC and ADL Initiative will work together to develop robust extensions of the Experience API to capture and record flight simulation data that is crucial to effectively train the aviation and military communities.

AICC is redirecting its effort on the latest version of its Computer Managed Instruction (CMI 5) specification. Rather than create a separate specification, AICC will leverage the Experience API as the run-time communication protocol for the next generation of AICC CMI systems.

The collaboration between AICC and ADL Initiative will ensure that legacy training materials and systems can be preserved through an entire generation of learning technology systems. AICC also intends to bring many of the innovations of CMI 5 into the Experience API specification, particularly the persistence of binary data as a way of capturing high-fidelity results.

AICC has particular depth of experience in the areas of developing durable formal training simulation programs. ADL Initiative welcomes the valuable contributions of AICC and looks forward to utilizing their unique capabilities. This collaboration is extremely valuable to both communities.

About the AICC

AICC provides and promotes information, guidelines, and standards that result in the cost-effective implementation of computer-based training (CBT) for the aviation industry and the worldwide training community. Founded in 1988, the AICC is made up of a wide variety of industry experts from airframe and engine manufacturers, component suppliers, airlines, regulatory agencies, researchers, training content developers, training software developers, and whole-solution providers.

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