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Building Web Applications that use the Learning Registry (LR)

By Walt Grata, Mick Muzac, and Damon Regan • December 13, 2013

The Learning Registry contains thousands of metadata and paradata records describing educational resources available on the Internet. These records came from many different contributors using different schemas. How can this collection of data be harnessed to create new applications? ADL Initiative has worked on several open source software (OSS) components that have been used to create the learningregistry search applications to serve as demonstrations. Let's walk through these components and how they are used.

Websites using open source software components and the Learning Registry LR-Wordpress-Plugin integration diagram

The diagram shows how two different WordPress-based websites use a WordPress plugin called LR-Wordpress-Plugin. The plugin provides several widgets that use the LR-Search services. LR-Search provides a set of services on top of elasticsearch, which is an open source search and analytics engine. LR-Data, which is a utility to pull the data from the Learning Registry into a datastore of your choice, populates elasticsearch with LR data.

All of these components are open source software available for you to use. You can find each component described here at the following locations: