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SCORM® and Experience API Roadmap

September 30, 2014

A lot of the "ADL buzz" of the last couple years has been around the Experience API (xAPI). While there is a lot to be excited about, making process, infrastructure, and cultural changes takes time and stability. We realize not every organization can jump with both feet into a new technology. Nor do we expect them to! Many of you have a great deal of time, skills, and money invested in SCORM®. With this in mind, ADL Initiative would like to present a roadmap of SCORM® and how it fits into the current and future Total Learning Architecture (TLA).

While the "SCORM® to TLA Roadmap" is written with a SCORM® starting point and TLA final destination, it outlines a continuum of different phases, all of which are completely valid instantiations of the technologies currently in use. It may be in your organization's best interest to find a phase on the Roadmap and focus on one "location"! Only YOU can figure out where your organization is, but each phase is explained graphically, as well as from a pros and cons perspective.

To support each stop along the map, ADL Initiative is happy to announce the following activities:

  1. Updates of the SCORM® 1.2, SCORM® 2004 3rd Edition, and SCORM® 2004 4th Edition Test Suites to run on modern web infrastructure.
  2. An xAPI "SCORM® profile," which outlines how to do SCORM®-like things in xAPI. This is not just verbs, but an entire mapping of the SCORM® specification to xAPI.
  3. Website support for each of the phases, including examples, prototypes, and documentation on GitHub.

All xAPI activities will continue as normal, but it is important to know that we expect many xAPI adopters will be on a migration path that begins with SCORM®. We want that path to be well-lit. The roadmap and supporting documents and software projects will be released in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates.