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ADL Initiative Honored at Enterprise Learning! Conference

June 22, 2015


Jonathan Poltrack accepted the Learning! 100 Award for 'Area of Excellence: Collaboration' on behalf of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative at the Enterprise Learning! Conference in Manassas, VA, which ran from 8–10 June. ADL Initiative received this award in reference to our work with the Experience API (xAPI) open source community. ADL Initiative has facilitated the gathering of xAPI Design Cohorts, the xAPI Specification Group, the xAPI Vocabulary Working Group, and multiple communities of practice with the intention of continually improving and developing best practices for the specification.

In addition to accepting the Learning! 100 Award, ADL Initiative's Jonathan Poltrack lead a well-received session called "Learning Data Analytics and the Experience API (xAPI)." This presentation focused on the goals of the xAPI, potential organizational use cases, and resources available to assist in an xAPI implementation.

ADL Initiative's Dr. Shane Gallagher also led several sessions, including "The Evolution of ISD to UX: A Case Study" (presented with Christina Rodriguez of George Mason University), exploring how user experience can be applied in a real learning design context. In addition, Dr. Gallagher presented on "Using the Dimensions of Personalization Model to Help Develop Smarter Organizations," (that detailed how to assess the way organizations learn and how to leverage elements of personalization to enhance learning and operations), and “Learning Analytics Applied: The Case of Surgical/Emergency Medical Services Training Simulation” (a panel discussion focused on the implementation of a live action medical simulation as a case study for learning analytics and design for an Internet of Things context).