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SCORM® + xAPI Roadmap Release and Resources

February 17, 2016

Many organizations already have large investments in Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), including software, training assets, and developer experience. Changing to a new technology like the Experience API (xAPI) can be cost prohibitive for such organizations. It is not feasible to abandon their current training architecture in favor of a new technology.

However, the xAPI is developed to work with newer technologies, including mobile and simulation technologies. Additionally, the xAPI gives organizations new options for training such as multiple modalities, blended learning, and informal learning. But not only does the xAPI support more technologies for training, it offers a standard interface to retrieve training information. This standard interface provides consistent access to data for reporting and analytics.

ADL Initiative understands that organizations are often unable to abandon their current training infrastructure. But adopting the xAPI does not require abandoning what organizations already have in place. It is possible for organizations to adopt, and transition to, xAPI while continuing to use SCORM® and other training technologies.

ADL Initiative has gathered information for organizations interested in understanding the aspects of transitioning from SCORM® to the xAPI. This collection of information and resources describes phases of integration of xAPI with their SCORM® infrastructure. Each phase lists some of the benefits, transition steps, and resources.

The SCORM®-to-TLA (Training and Learning Architecture) Roadmap is a site detailing the benefits and transition considerations for each phase, as well as listing some resources to get organizations started.®-to-TLA-Roadmap/index.html

The SCORM®-to-TLA Roadmap github project is a collection of resources and examples related to the transition roadmap.

The xAPI-SCORM®-Profile is a document that maps SCORM® state and tracking information to xAPI. It can be leveraged by organizations to represent SCORM® content data while using the roadmap phases integrating xAPI and SCORM®.