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Technical Planning and Integration Meeting for The Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Demonstration

March 01, 2016

6-7 March 2018

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative is hosting a Technical Planning and Integration Meeting in Orlando, FL in preparation for the TLA Demonstration scheduled for later this year in Fort Bragg, NC. The TLA system is a set of internet and software specifications that will enable effective, personalized, lifelong-learning technology in the future.

The ADL Initiative started developing the TLA system in 2016 in collaboration with interagency and industry partners. The widespread adoption of the system is forecasted for 2020. All TLA activity providers, system developers, and interested parties from various standards bodies will meet 6-7 March to maximize the understanding of goals and objectives for the demonstration planned for later this year.

Participants will review the current state of the TLA system, and do the technical planning for content, tools, and systems. The TLA PlugFest (formerly “Hackathon”) will be a part of this two-day event, where activity providers can work to integrate their content with different TLA components. Post-event, lessons learned, best practices and next steps for development will be captured, prioritized, and disseminated to all participants.

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