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The ADL Initiative Wins 2018 Learning! 100 Award

September 24, 2018

The eighth annual eLearning 100 Awards ceremony honors top global learning organizations for innovation, collaboration, and performance. 40 public-sector and 60 private-sector organizations are chosen based on three factors: Collaborative Strategies' Collaboration Index, Darden School's Learning Culture Index, and overall organizational performance. Nominees are ranked without bias for organization size by using both qualitative and quantitative methods to select the winners.

Once again, the ADL Initiative won a place among the top 100 public-sector organizations—for the eighth year in a row! The award specifically cited excellence in collaboration for the Total Learning Architecture (TLA) program, including participation in ADL Initiative—led committees and working groups as well as other specifications and standards working groups.

The ADL Initiative is honored to be recognized as a world leader in delivering innovative and collaborative approaches to developing global learning ecosystems. Our TLA initiative placed 7th out of 40 public-sector organizations. VA Acquisition Academy took the number one spot for public-sector while Vi—a group of retirement communities with headquarters in Chicago—was first in the private-sector category.