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Schatz, Vogel-Walcutt Discuss the Future Learning Ecosystem at Navy

December 12, 2018

In November, Drs. Sae Schatz and J.J. Vogel-Walcutt addressed Navy Post Graduate School students, faculty, and staff at the Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) Forum on the importance of developing a learning architecture. Dr. Vogel-Walcutt stressed the importance of efficiency in the education and training of our armed forces, and Dr. Schatz emphasized the need for integrating data-driven technology into learning opportunities. The ADL Initiative is focused on developing this sort of learning ecosystem through the Total Learning Architecture (TLA) project. The TLA is intended to provide interoperability and standardization of learning management systems and learner data to create a more personalized learning experience.

You can read more about Dr. Schatz and Dr. Vogel-Walcutt’s presentation and about the TLC Forum and the rationale and goals associated with the Forum by visiting this link: Future Educational Landscape Discussed During TLC’s Latest Open Forum