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Semantically Enabled Automated Assessment in Virtual Environments (SAVE) provides a framework for learning procedural skills (e.g., repairing a car, flying an airplane, or shooting/maintaining a weapon system) through simulation.

The system observes the learner operating in an instrumented virtual environment, tracks and logs their activity, and compares logged learner activity to a Gold Standard. The comparison generates immediate feedback for the student and provides them with contextually-relevant hints and links to training materials. The comparison also provides the instructor with insight into student comprehension.

In addition, the system features content authoring tools that instructional developers can use to develop training for the virtual environment.

SAVE Project Website

For detailed information about the project visit our partner’s project site. Go To Site


Intelligent Coaching Systems in Higher-Order Applications: Lessons from Automated Content Creation Bottlenecks

2016; IAC; Greuel, C.; Yarnall, L.; Ziker, C.; Kernbaum, A.; Murray, J.
Procedural skills are an increasingly pervasive requirement in today's world, in areas ranging from IT system administration to complex data analyses, from automotive equipment repair to intricate medical diagnosis. The acquisition of procedural skills requires learning by doing learners gain...