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Choosing Series

The ADL Initiative’s “Choosing…” series comprises three papers, each on an important learning technology product: learning management systems (LMSs), learning record stores (LRSs), and authoring tools. These papers assist those involved in the process of choosing an LMS, LRS, or authoring tools to make informed decisions. The papers apply to a wide range of situations, from choosing one of these products for the first time, where nothing is in place, to replacing an existing product, and from enterprise –wide acquisitions to single user purchases (for authoring tools).

These papers present a complete range of considerations and possible requirements for choosing one of these systems; however, they do not contain a comprehensive survey of all available systems on the market, nor do they contain a comparative rating or evaluation of products. In short, the ADL Initiative presents these papers as guides to the issues, opportunities, and processes that should be considered in choosing one of these products.

The following papers are:

Choosing A Learning Record Store (LRS)

Choosing A Learning Management System (LMS)

Choosing Authoring Tools