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Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Assessment

Enabling distributed learning modernization through rigorous assessment of the TLA.


Development of the Total Learning Architecture (TLA) includes a rigorous, independent efficiency and effectiveness assessment. This includes the draft specifications and associated reference implementation model, scoping test and demonstration events, developing and executing the research assessment plans, and reporting findings (as appropriate) in conferences, technical reports, and targeted academic journals. The project includes participation in ADL Initiative-sponsored committees and working groups, as well as other specifications and standards working groups, to illustrate current and emerging capabilities and eventual contributions to Defense operations and the ADL Initiative mission.

Major Deliverables

  • TLA Assessment Plan
  • Reports of Findings
  • Publication of results at I/ITSEC 2019

Project Details

Period of Performance: FY18-FY19

External Performers: Institute for Defense Analyses

Contract: HQ0034-14-D-0001


ADL DAU Sandbox Final Report
Schatz, S., Ph.D.; Feemster, V.; Tompkins, J.

2019 Total Learning Architecture Report
Gordon, Jerry; Hayden, Trey; Johnson, Andy; Smith, Brent

2018 Total Learning Architecture Report
Smith, Brent; Gordon, Jerry

Total Learning Architecture: Moving Into the Future
Smith; Gallagher; Schatz, S., Ph.D.; Vogel-Walcutt
2018, IITSEC

Recommendation across Many Learning Systems to Optimize Teaching and Training
Neville, K.J.; Folsom-Kovarik, J.T.
2018, AHFE, Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics

Total Learning Architecture Development: A Design-Based Research Approach
Gallagher, P.S.; Folsom-Kovarik, J.T.; Schatz, S., Ph.D.; Barr, A.; Turkaly, S.
2017, IITSEC

Exploring Assessment Mechanisms in the Total Learning Architecture (TLA)
Goodwin, G; Folsom-Kovarik, J.T.; Johsnon, A.; Schatz, S., Ph.D.; Sottilare, R.
2017, Chapter in Book - GIFT

Humans as the Strong Link in Securing the Total Learning Architecture
Maymí, F.; Woods, A.; Folsom-Kovarik, J.
2017, Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics, AHFE

Total Learning Architecture (TLA) Enables Next-generation Learning via Meta-adaptation
Folsom-Kovarik, J.T.; Raybourn, E.M.
2016, IITSEC


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