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Case Studies and Adopters

Case Studies

Since April 2013, the Experience API (xAPI) has maintained stability, which has helped organizations around the world to start putting xAPI to use.

In response to the growing demand for reference implementations, the ADL Initiative has begun to collect case studies – stories of actual implementations – from adopting organizations.

The format for these case studies is as follows:

  • Name of project

  • End-customer supported by the approach

  • The challenge to which this responds

  • Approach

  • Results

  • Future efforts or recommendations

Where possible, if there are products, vendors or services used in these case studies, and if such products, vendors or services are listed as Adopters, we allow specific mentions in these case studies.

If you represent an organization that is using xAPI to respond to an organizational challenge, we want to know about it. Share your story with us.

We accept all case studies so long as the submitter asserts he/she has authorization to share information to the public at large. ADL Initiative maintains editorial privilege on submitted case studies for grammar, punctuation, spelling and accuracy.

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