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xAPI RMF Accreditation Project (xRAP)

Facilitating xAPI adoption by supporting its cybersecurity accreditation

The Challenge

DoD stakeholders seek to use xAPI in their education and training systems, as advised under DoD Instruction (DoDI) 1322.26. However, DoD has faced challenges in the adoption of xAPI due to cybersecurity accreditation barriers.

The Solution

Identify the potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities or accreditation challenges and address these challenges through updates to the xAPI standard and by providing resources that support the accreditation process for xAPI-enabled education and training systems.

About the Project

Successful adoption of xAPI is contingent on cybersecurity-compliant software systems that implement the xAPI standard. Through the xAPI Risk Management Framework (RMF) Accreditation Project (xRAP), the ADL Initiative is helping to provide lessons learned and guidance on the accreditation process for xAPI-enabled systems.

DoD cybersecurity policies state that any system that stores or transmits information must abide by certain cybersecurity requirements, found under the RMF and codified in DoDI 8500.01. This project is evaluating current accreditation efforts for xAPI-enabled learning systems under RMF and developing guidance (e.g., suggested policy updates and Security Technical Implementation Guides or STIGs) to support xAPI-enabled system accreditation across DoD networks. The technical guidance produced under this project conforms to NIST guidelines and Defense Information Systems Agency accreditations required to deploy xAPI conformant solutions across the DoD.


Project Details

Period of Performance




Designated Stakeholders

USMC Training and Education Command