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What do Sharable Instructional Objects Have to do With Intelligent Tutoring Systems, and Vice Versa?

2001; Fletcher, J.D.

By reviewing data on classroom and tutorial instruction, this document presents a perspective on the value of technology-based instruction in general and intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) in particular. It finds the mixed-initiative dialogue and on-demand, real-time generative capabilities to be defining functionalities of ITSs. These functionalities are motivated by basic research into human learning and cognition. From this perspective, development ot the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) initiative and ITSs are viewed as parallel but presently independent activities. This document describes and discusses their common interests in the development and availability of (accessible, interoperable, durable, and reusable) instructional objects on the World Wide Web. These sharable instructional objects can act as either instructional content or algorithmic agents. Sharable instructional objects are likely to reduce the costs and increase the effectiveness of ADL technologies and ITSs. Development of these objects should be cooperatively promoted and pursued by the ADL and ITS communities. Doing so may lead to the development and wide use of personal learning associates, which would allow high-quality instruction and decision-aiding to become ubiquitous and affordable.

DTIC: a406269