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Nextgen Navy eLearning Tracking

2014; Miller, William E

The Navy's eLearning (NeL) computer-based learning system relies on a Learning Management System (LMS) for content delivery and tracking learning information. One major obstacle with NeL's current LMS implementation is that tracking of learning can only be done while a user is on a desktop computer using an Internet browser to connect to the LMS software. However, not all learning takes place within an Internet browser on a desktop computer. The Experience-API (xAPI), also known as Tin Can API and SCORM 2.0, is a standard maintained by Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) that decouples the tracking of learning information from the content delivery. Any piece of software implementing the xAPI standard running on any networked device can track learning activity and store that data inside of a Learning Record Store (LRS). A prototype system was developed in a virtual environment to showcase the use of the xAPI/LRS to track quiz data, and the quiz data could then be synced from the LRS to the LMS. The prototype showed that xAPI, along with its LRS, can overcome the NeL's AtlasPro LMS limitation of only tracking learning from a user's desktop computer using an Internet browser.

DTIC: a620794