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Impact of Open Social Student Modeling on Self-Assessment of Performance

2015; E-Learn, AACE; Somyürek, S.; Brusilovsky, P.

This study examines the impact of Open Student Modeling (OSM) and its extension known as Open Social Student Modeling (OSSM) on students' self-assessment of their SQL programming performance. It also explores the relationship between self-assessment and normalized gain. The study was performed with graduate students of University of Pittsburgh taking Database Course for the first semester 2014/2015 and ran for 11 weeks. The results demonstrated that both OSM and OSSM positively affect students' regular self-assessment ability. However, only OSSM was able to positively impact students' relative self-assessment ability (i.e., compare their SQL knowledge to others). The results also indicated that, students' self-assessments are positively and highly correlated to their normalized gain.

Contract: W911QY13C0032